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What are peptides?

What are peptides?

Peptides is the name given to chains of amino acids that have endocrine (hormonal) functions in the body. Sometimes, these peptides are referred to as ‘small proteins’, as peptides can only be chains of amino acids that are less than 50

One of the most...

One of the most notable peptides in our body is collagen, which diminishes as we age and in turn, causes our skin to appear older.  Thankfully, collagen loss can be overcome with peptide supplements and lead to younger looking skin.

Peptide science is based on a molecular level, where the peptides themselves are constructed from amino acids and then held together by peptide bonds. However, this is also similar for proteins too, with the significant difference being that proteins contain more than 50 chains of amino acids.

At Peptide Doctors, our broad range of peptides has been meticulously produced to ensure purity levels are the highest possible. To learn more about what are peptides and how they can enable you to achieve your health goals, please contact an experienced member of our medical team now.

What do peptides do?

Peptides have an enormous range of applications, allowing users to safely repair and grow muscle tissue, lose fat, fight the ageing process, repair injuries, improve mood, and sleep better, among many other benefits.

Controlled by...

Controlled by our pituitary gland, the endocrine system is responsible for our overall health and wellbeing as it sends the hormones we need around our body. But, as we begin to age, our endocrine system starts to have more trouble doing what it could easily do before. As a result of this, adults will start to see a decline in their growth hormone (GH) and this creates a myriad of issues for us to contend with.

This is where peptide supplements can make a huge difference to adults experiencing the effects of growth hormone deficiency. While it’s not always clear what kind of negative consequences you may experience, taking peptide supplements in conjunction with a good diet and healthy lifestyle can help overcome growth hormone deficiency.

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Are peptides legal?

Peptides are legal to buy in the United States and in others countries around the world, such as Australia. Our straightforward process ensures that you stay fully legally compliant when purchasing our peptides and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

At Peptide Doctors...

At Peptide Doctors, we’ve gone the extra distance to ensure that the peptides we produce are of a medical grade standard. But, in addition to this, we also connect you with our specialist medical practitioners so that they can confirm these types of supplements are right for you and your goals.

To find out more about the federal and state laws we adhere to, please contact a member of our peptide team today. Or, head over to our FAQ page if you have any unanswered questions about peptides.

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Head over to our FAQ page if you have any unanswered questions about peptides.