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Growth hormone use linked to a decrease in abdominal fat

Stubborn abdominal fat has been shown to decrease in response to GH stimulation. Studies reveal that through the use of GH stimulating agents, visceral fat storage is reduced in both males and female subjects. It is no coincidence that in both ageing males and females,…
get tan safely

Safe Tanning and Vitamin D

Skin Cancer, Vitamin D and Safe Enhanced Tanning Your body relies on you to give it what it needs. We have been told that Vitamin D, especially from the sun source  – is good for your health. We are told that sun exposure causes skin…

Night Owls and Early Risers

Night Owls and Early Risers – What is your Chronotype? Night Owls… Where an individual falls on the spectrum of day or night preference, is largely determined by their “chronotype” or “sleep phenotype”. This term describes an individual and their disposition regarding the timing of daily routines.…
runners injuries

Muscular Repair and Recovery

Muscle Repair and Muscle Recovery Between workouts, it is important for you to take time to allow your muscles to recover. To optimise your training and achieve the muscle building goals you’ve been working so hard to accomplish you must allow your muscles to recover.…
lean muscle mass

Peptides For Building Lean Muscle Mass

How to build lean muscle mass with peptide supplements Are you interested in building slabs of quality, shredded muscle? Peptides have been used by bodybuilders for years to achieve muscle gains and promote physical enhancement! Apart from being a natural and much safer option to using…

Anti- Aging and Life Extension

Peptides: The Anti-Aging Wonder Keen to look and feel 2 decades younger? Of course, you are! Peptides have been deemed a miracle anti-aging treatment and are now widely used by many clinics throughout the world as a means of cell and tissue rejuvenation. What Causes…

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet for weight loss and muscle gains Simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain with a ketogenic diet: What is a ketogenic diet? A ketogenic diet involves consuming: the majority of your calories from fat, a large proportion from protein and the minority from carbohydrates. People…
Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting and its effect on the Brain

Intermittent Fasting is the act of abstaining from calorie consumption for extended periods of time. Usually this spans between 16-24 hours. This article will explore the neuroprotective benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Fasting A study conducted in 1984 restricting the calorie intake of rodents through alternate…
telomere length and anti ageing

Telomere Length

Introduction to the Telomere Premature aging means one thing – facing what is really going on inside the body (and it isn’t always pretty) – cell degradation, disease and ultimately death. Life moves fast, and we take our youth for granted much of the time…
intermittent fasting

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

There have been many studies that have investigated the effects of intermittent fasting, and the results reveal that it has many positive effects.

bone health

Bone Loss with Ageing

Uncover the secret to bone health and healthy bone density, through the use of peptide supplementation. Increase bone mass and your quality of life.