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Clinical grade peptides are pharmaceutically produced for use in humans. At no time should a patient attempt to use peptides that are questionable in purity. At Peptide Doctors, we assure all patients are receiving the highest level of purity obtainable for their peptide supplementation.

What is the difference between clinical grade peptides and research grade “not for human consumption” peptides?

Clinical Grade Peptides

– Clinical Grade Peptides should all have a Certificate of Analysis
– ISO Certified. Highest Standards in the Classification of Cleanroom, Sterile Areas
– GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices
– Stringent QA/QC Methodologies Implemented
– Ready to Use. Shipped direct from the Compounding Chemist in Chilled Box
– Peptides must be issued by a Registered Medical Doctor
– Medical Support Available
– Guaranteed Potency and Purity of Peptides

Research Grade Peptides

  • May be developed in substandard or underground laboratories., where the sterility and potency of the final product would have been jeopardised due to lack of the pharmaceutical grade equipment and lack of standard operating procedures aimed at preventing contamination.
  • “Not for Human Consumption”
  • Peptides are for research purposes only
  • Research peptides are typically NON- GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). There are many that will advertise their quality is pharmaceutical grade, but it is highly unlikely they will be accountable for the full QA/QC of clinical grade peptides
  • Nothing Regulating the Quality
  • Typically sold as (freeze-dried) powder in typical amounts of 5mg per vial.
  • Vials must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water before injecting
  • No instructions
  • No medical support
  • No Guarantee of Potency, Purity or Sterility
  • “Not for Human Consumption” – may be a number of other compounds found within the peptide vial.
  • ISO-Certified: ISO Classifications requires compliance to a number of standard operating procedures, technologies, lab environment and quality assurances with regards to cleanrooms and sterile areas. Research peptides do not have ISO-Certifications.

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