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Welcome to our FAQ page. At Peptide Clinics, we’re working to help educate everyone on the benefits of peptides and the role they play in modern medicine. Please take a look at our list of FAQs or contact a member of our medical team if you still have any unanswered questions.

What are peptides?

Peptides are a group of amino acid chains that help release various hormones already in our body. Hormones such as growth hormone (GH) is produced less as we age and this can lead to certain physical and mental consequences for our health. But, peptides can help alleviate hormone deficiency symptoms in a wide number of ways.

What is a peptide bond?

A peptide bond is what links together the short chain of amino acids that make up peptides.

Peptide vs. Protein

While peptides are comprised of amino acid chains that are less than 50, proteins are made up of amino acids chains that are longer than 50. Because of this, peptides are often referred to as ‘small proteins’.

Do I have to see a Dr before I can order peptides?

No, you do not. We have Dr’s that will screen you online as part of the ordering process. Our Dr’s will use the medical questionnaire that you filled out in registration to screen you and make sure that the selected medications are safe and appropriate. One of our Dr’s will furthermore tailor your doses for you using your medical questionnaire.

Where do I go to collect the medication?

All orders are sent to your delivery address using express postage. The peptides are packaged discretely. You should receive a tracking number the day before delivery via email.

Do I have to mix the peptides myself?

No, all peptides that we sell are pre-mixed and ready to inject.

Do I have to buy swabs and syringes?

Each vial of injectables is sent with 50 swabs and syringes which is more than what you will need. You are not charged for swabs and syringes, they are included in the price of the medication.

If I place an order will I definitely get the medication?

No, one of our Dr’s will screen you for that specific medication hat you have ordered. If the Dr deems that medication unsafe or inappropriate for you, you will receive a full refund (into the account that you used to pay).

How will I know how much to take?

When the Dr screens you and writes your prescription he will also write you a complete dosage protocol. This will include how much of the medication to administer, how to administer the medication when to take it, if it needs to be cycled etc. The dosage protocol will be emailed to you before you receive the medication.

Are these peptides research grade?

No, these are pharmaceutical grade medications. They are prescribed by an American Dr and compounded to the highest standard in an American compounding pharmacy.

What happens if I take the peptides after the expiry date (shown on vial)?

DO NOT TAKE THE PEPTIDES ONCE THEY HAVE EXPIRED. Peptides are comprised of hundreds of amino acids. We can guarantee that the amino acid sequence of the medication is correct within the shelf life of the medication if it has been stored appropriately. We can no longer guarantee that none of the amino acid bonds has degraded once the medication has expired. The peptide can become many different molecules, depending on which bond breaks. For this reason, you must not take the medication when it has expired and dispose it appropriately.