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Check your eligibility with our Peptides Medical Assessment.

Why we do this assessment

In order to access our peptides you must fill in the required medical questionnaire. This process shouldn’t take you very long. The medical questionnaire will allow you to be able to make a provisional order, so long as you are considered an eligible candidate.

Our medical questionnaire  contains all the questions a doctor would ask you if they were to see you in a face to face consult to prescribe peptides.

It is an absolute must that you are 100% honest with our Hormone Doctors for it is in your best interest to reap optimal benefits from your peptide treatment. It is our duty of care and a legal requirement that this monitoring occurs, otherwise patients run the risk of experiencing peptide side effects and the possibility of diminished health.

The key steps

Our peptide medical assessment will be broken up into 3 key areas

Step 1: Your goals

By telling us your primary and secondary goals, our doctors will better able to assist you in tailoring your optimal peptide treatment.

Step 2: Your health

By understanding your current health status and identifying any contraindications early, our doctors will be able to accurately assess your eligibility for peptide treatments.

Step 3: Medical history

On top of understanding your current health, your past medical history is just as important for our doctors in determining your eligibility for peptide treatments.