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how to take peptides

How to take peptides.

Peptides can be taken in a number of ways, but that doesn’t always mean an alternative method is the most effective. At Peptide Clinics, we recommend that you learn how to inject peptides as this is the most effective and controllable method of administration.

However, there are a number of other ways that people choose to take peptides, including:

Transdermal peptides.

We often apply creams and gels to our bodies in order to administer medication. A common example of this kind of medical application can be seen in nicotine patches for people trying to give up smoking. This method can also be utilized for people in need of testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, and growth hormone.


But, this form of administration has some issues to be aware of. Numerous factors determine if and how quickly the applied product is absorbed through the skin and into the body. Some people absorb creams and gels better than other people, so this makes their effectiveness hard to predict.
transdermal cream peptides

Oromucosal peptides.

The surface of the mouth has a very thin and absorbent layer of skin when compared to the outside of our body. Due to this, some people choose to use oromucosal peptides that come in the form of a lozenge or mouth spray.

As long as you don’t swallow this form of peptide application straight away, you’ll be able to effectively take the peptide supplement. However, swallowing this form of peptide straight away will result in the supplement entering the gut, which will reduce the effectiveness and could cause complications.

Oral peptides.

As peptides are small proteins, ingesting them orally will result in the stomach doing its job, which is to break down the proteins we ingest. This is why taking oromucosal peptides orally is ineffective and won’t result in them entering the body as planned.

So, can peptides be taken orally? Thankfully, oral peptide supplements are combined with special proteins and molecules that can’t be broken down in the same way. The peptides bound to these special proteins are then absorbed into the body as planned.

oral peptides

Rectal and vaginal peptides.

For people that struggle to keep oral peptides down, rectal and vaginal applications may be a better option. However, this isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of other less intrusive alternatives for you to consider.

How to inject peptides.

Injecting peptides is the most effective way to administer your supplement of choice. Our team recommends this method as it bypasses natural barriers and provides results that are more predictable to monitor.

After injection...

After injection, the peptide will travel into your body, through your blood and around your lymph system into the cells of your body. This is an extremely effective way of taking peptides as you essentially apply 100% of your prescribed dose, without missing out on anything.

For many people, injecting a peptide carries some feelings of anxiety with it. However, the benefits of this method really do outweigh the small discomfort you may feel from an injection of this kind.

If you’d like to learn more about our evolving range of medical-grade peptides and how they can help you achieve your health ambitions, please speak with a member of our team today.

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Peptide sterility is essential.

As our peptides are supplied in liquid form ready for injection, keeping everything sterile is extremely important. Before injecting your peptides, you need to clean the injection area and needle to maintain a sterile application.

It’s important that you never reuse or share your peptide injection needles at any time. We supply high-quality needles so that you can always inject your peptides with peace of mind and achieve the best results.

To help you inject correctly, please take a look at our educational video. But, if you’re in any doubt, don’t hesitate to consult with our qualified medical team before you begin.